Being the daughter of a chef, India Rose grew up in a Spanish tapas restaurant. She played with octopuses and crayfish and did afternoon naps in paella pans. From an early age she spent many hours in the kitchen which is how she grew up with an enormous love for food.


With her art projects she tries to make the consumer aware of the problems in the food industry with a real portion of 'food for thought'. At the same time she wants to reassure the consumer, by providing a series of possible solutions.


She bundles all concepts, culinary experiences, and recipes she creates in the utopian manual for the kitchen of tomorrow. An ever growing collection of creations which are far from standard, sometimes not even feasible so far. But they do form the steps towards a better food industry.


The utopian manual exists both online and as a printed version. The printed version is made from agricultural waste products and is embedded with seeds. Because of

this the utopian manual can be transformed into a vegetable garden. The utopian manual is filled with many creations; the recipe for the edible plasticsoup is one of them.


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